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ASSAULTED is an Authentic Action Top Down Shooter Game. 

The original version of this game was made for the Shacknews: The Third Game Jam. I decided to make a couple of improvements to the game and release it as a full game.

Programming / Pixel Art: Me [Adnan]
Music/ Soundtrack: Arsh [AKA Kai]

THE CONCEPT...?                                                                      

Welcome to the Infected World, Where all the humans and animals are being infected by powerful rays known as "GAMA RAYS", they were changed to a very dangerous creatures who will kill everyone that comes on there way!. There is only one Method to stop them is to kill them, in several particular waves of the creatures.



  • Improved controls - The shooting was improved significantly compared to the jam version and the game is also more accessible due to more input options..
  • New Maps added / Reworked previous levels
  • Added More Sound Effects - They were MUCH needed.
  • Main Menu Design Updated
  • Improved Game Feel - Things like screen shake, particles and screen effects.
  • Added Game Events - Fun creepy things happen during the game now.
  • Reworked Camera Input and Output updated
  • Optimized game and Compressed


Challenging / Diverse Gameplay - Each Map was crafted to challenge you regardless of what Gameplay you are looking for. Different Gameplays will require different strategies.

  • Replayability - This game has 4 different maps and each playthrough will be different since most levels will require different approaches to be completed.
  • Original Soundtrack - From creepy and melancholic to 8-bit and upbeat music.
  • Pixel Art - Colorful pixel art.


  • Right Mouse Button to Shoot 
  • Arrow Keys to Move
  • U to Opens Upgrade Menu.
  • ESC to Back to Menu


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Assaulted x64.zip 47 MB
Assaulted x86.zip 44 MB
Assaulted OST.zip 25 MB

Development log


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Hey I played all the games in the BYOG19 jam with a windows build. Your game was one of them! Check it out!

Thankyou bro, really appreciated! I hope you like the game!

that was an amazing game experience 

the music is so cool and top of all the characters textures and map textures are well maded if there's an rating button I would like to give you guys 9/10

1 negative cuz the enemies were following the character and have no sense of where they need to dodge or stop I means they're getting stopped by map 😅 that is like disturbing for me.well besides that I seen something new in controls too that is kinda cool  the fonts and graphics are amazing too. it's cool thanks for sharing with us 

Thankyou for your precious comment, We are working on your Feedback!

congrats on making a pretty great time killer in under 3 days really impresive

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Thankyou bro, for your precious comment! There are also coming new features and updates to the game with a android play store version this month!

Well the Game is made in 3 Hours


Hey you managed to make a nice game in 3 hours. Great!!!


Thank you bro for your precious comment! There are also coming new features and updates to the game with a android play store version this month!


I like the game :)

Thankyou soo much for your precious comment!

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Great Game Gameaddict. :)  Chandra

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Thankyou for your precious comment. AI hope you enjoy playing  it!

Very nice game. Each level offers a different a play style and you have three characters to chose from with each having their ups and down. Keep up the great work! 👍

Thank you bro for the feedback, I hope you will enjoy by playing it! Also there is something new coming to this game soon stay tuned! 

Amazing game!! Loved the sound effects especially!...I seriously can't judge but I guess the enemies can have nav mesh so that they don't get stuck in the edges...except that the game is just amazing!!! And the best part is the developer is just 15!!!✌️

Thankyou for the feedback, I will implement the advice as you provided!