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It is Demo Version Of Pokemon Game.

As with all Pokemon role-playing games released for the Windows, PokeAdventure is a third-person, overhead perspective Game. The main screen is an over- world, in which the player navigates the protagonist. Here a menu interface may be accessed, in which the player may configure his or her Pokemon, items, and game play settings. When the player encounters a wild Pokemon or is challenged by a trainer, the screen switches to a turn-based battle screen that displays the player's Pokemon and the engaged Pokemon. During a battle, the player may select a move for his or her Pokemon to perform, use an item, switch his or her active Pokemon, or attempt to flee. All Pokemon have hit points (HP); when a Pokemon's HP is reduced to zero, it faints and can no longer battle until it is revived. Once an enemy Pokemon faints, all of the player's Pokemon involved in the battle receive a certain amount of experience points (EXP). After accumulating enough EXP, a Pokemon may level up.


1. press "C" Button to select 

2. press "X" Button to open Main Menu

3. Up, Down, Left and Right Buttons for movement Controls

Version:- 1.0

Produly Created By Gamaddict Studio. 


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Tell me What should I update, your suggestion will be helpful!, I can add custom Pokemon and characters for you if you want me to add!

I love Pokemon. This is the best game ever......