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Project Infinity is an Authentic Indie JRPG Game. 

“Project Infinity” is an indie JRPG and one of the flagship games of Gamaddict Studios, heavily influenced by our love of the classic JRPG games, while mixing our unique approaches to core mechanics, gameplay, and storytelling.


THE CONCEPT...?        

Project Infinity is set in a semi-fantasy universe where a living princess, Anna, has outlawed magic bringing war and genocide to those that oppose him. She doesn't know about her background because her parents hide the secret from her and everyone, for the reason to keep her safe from the Evil Commander. The King gives responsibility to a Samurai who is the Cheif General of the Army of his kingdom, He was known by the name, Ethan, to protect her child, Anna, as she was the next person to become Princess of the Kingdom. The King ordered Ethan, to keep Anna in the safest place, which was a mile away from the kingdom.
 They escape and hides in an abandoned, war-torn town. On a supply run, and The Evil Commander was also in search of them.
Every Character that joins there side in the battle has a story to tell, and a reason to fight.



🔸 2D Characters, Vast World: A mix of classic JRPG and modern styles, utilizing masterful 2D animation with beautiful JRPG world-building.

🔸 Every Character is a Warrior: 8+ playable characters ranging from a Knight to a Summoner, an Illusionist to a Gunslinger, all with magic woven deep into their combat styles. Rise up to the challenge and take on the role of powerful Warriors in this engaging, free-to-play classic JRPG title!

🔸 Rebuild Sanctuary: The once-abandoned town progresses as you do, offering new items and equipment. See the war-torn ruins become a thriving home.

🔸 Quest Board: Some of those that join your town can be sent as away teams, completing missions and returning with new survivors, hidden items, magic tomes, and more as you progress throughout the game!

🔸 Awesome Classical JRPG Experience: Classical JRPG atmosphere complete with 8-Bit pixel art.

🔸Amazing JRPG Battle System: Strategy-oriented Turn-based Battle System with Auto-Battle option, Engage in intensely animated battles with/against a captivating cast of beautifully pixel-crafted characters that are inspired by Japanese manga art, Unleash devastating combos using the Intuitive Tap Combat Mechanics and Fill up your Units’ skill gauge to launch their unique offensive / defensive Brave Bursts.

🔸 Rich and Expansive Content: Explore Grand Kingdom and discover new worlds through more than 500 story-driven missions. Uncover compelling story arcs and legendary sagas of survivors and warriors. The plot is thickening as their fates are intertwined! Be The warrior in this JRPG Experience.

🔸Will you rise to the challenge and go down in Grand Universe of this Indie JRPG Game's history as a legend? Join forces on your most epic journey yet!

🔸 More features to be announced in the future of this JRPG, as we progress in the development of the game!



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We are currently in alpha stages. "Project Infinity" and all parts included are subject to change. The current release date is expected to be late 2020 but the date may change as needed.

© 2019 Gamaddict Studios, Inc. GAMADDICT and PROJECT INFINITY are trademarks of Gamaddict Studios, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners. By downloading, installing or using this App, you agree to Gamaddict's privacy policy and terms of us, as may be updated by Gamaddict from time to time.


1. Press "Enter" Button to select 

2. Press "X or Escape" Button to open Main Menu

3. Up, Down, Left and Right Buttons for movement Controls


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