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Why You Do This To Me? is an Authentic Action JRPG Game. 

Programming / Pixel Art / Music / Soundtrack : Me [Adnan] 

THE CONCEPT...?                                    

 I decided to make a game in which someone forcibly tries to make you evil and do evil work by you, something worst happen to the player and he have to overcome from his emotional pain! This is a story-based JRPG Game, which tells an interesting story through the game systems! 



🔸 Amazing Storyline - The Amazing and shocking and emotional storyline is waiting for you and will give an enriched engaging experience.

🔸 Challenging / Diverse Gameplay - The Map was crafted to challenge you regardless of what Gameplay you are looking for. Different Gameplays will require different strategies.

🔸 Tons Of NPCs to Interact - There are lots of NPCs and another non-playable character is available in the game to interact and create an awesome relationship with the game.

 🔸 REDESIGNED "CLASSES" -   More than 8 classes in one single player, ranging from a Knight to a Summoner, an Illusionist to a Gunslinger, all with magic woven deep into their combat styles.

 🔸Original Soundtrack - From creepy and melancholic to 8-bit and upbeat music.

 🔸Pixel Art - Colorful pixel art.



🔸 Arrows Key to move

🔸 Enter to Interact Object and NPCs.

🔸 ESC to Item Menu


We are working on the Mobile Version that's why it is unstable but you can buy it anyway from the page and support us.

 When The Game will be Launched on Mobile the people who bought it before will get free access and special edition! 


Thankyou soo much!  

We are planning the full game on this late year or other version of it!


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WYDTTM-Android 58 MB
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Okay after playing it, trying to get to the end(and a few gameovers) I really like this game.

The fact that I got gameovers a few times made me feel like its sending me a message like "If you fail try and try again". 

Also not sure if end sequence counts but my playtime was 34:27, probably would've been less if I didn't have to grind for lvls.

Still this game was fun and I might try to improve my time as a personal challenge... at another time.

What Ethan said at the end is a bit concerning... I do hope he doesn't end up like a certain someone who can only use a shield. 

If Ethan's story ever continues.


I haven't played this and yet just seeing the gifs and reading the features I can already tell this game is gonna be fun to play.

Thankyou, I hope you will enjoy this game!


Very cool game. Although you took very little time to complete it, it is amazing. I love your game and your studio. Good luck in the jam.


Thankyou bro, I hope you enjoy playing it!